‘Zend’y Trendy!!!

Hey! I still can’t believe my good luck…at last I got a robust solution for building an enterprise level project! Well, I’m for sure talking of Zend Framework and am very excited…

Zend Framework is a high quality open source framework for developing Web Applications and Web Services with PHP. Built in the true PHP spirit, the Zend Framework delivers ease-of-use and powerful functionality. It provides solutions for building modern, robust, and secure websites. Being an open source Zend Framework (ZF) comes completely free of cost (for your development and distribution needs) and you can download it anytime!

I got an interesting overview (of ZF) from Bitwise Magazine and I would like to share its features with you!

  • New BSD license: business-friendly – it’s easy to build your own commercial intellectual property on top of ZF.
  • An Apache-like Contributor License Agreement (CLA) process assures that the code is free of legal issues – important protection and peace-of-mind.
  • Fully object-oriented PHP 5 class library, with attention to best design practices.
  • Tested thoroughly with about 90,000 lines of test code for 140,000 lines of framework code, all contributors were asked to submit test code and documentation with every submission.
  • Extreme simplicity, modular “use-at-will” architecture for easy migration and ability to share ZF code with your current applications and even with other frameworks if necessary.

That’s the high-level (above); more specific features and their benefits are here:

  • Model/View/Controller architecture – an industry standard best practice for web applications. Full database support (incl. MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, & MS SQL Server) – all major databases you may need, with the ease-of-use you expect from a framework.
  • Internationalization support necessary for most modern web applications – in a global economy providing localized versions in your users’ language is easy and straightforward.
  • Authentication & sessions – to make managing sign-on & users of your application easy.
  • AJAX/JSON support – to help meet the ease-of-use your users now come to expect.
  • Search – native PHP port of industry-standard Lucence search engine.
  • Syndication (RSS & Atom supported) – don’t be left behind without the data formats & access your Web 2.0 users need.
  • Web services – Zend Framework aims to be the premier place to consume and publish web services with support for REST, Http, Google Gdata APIs, Amazon, Flickr, Yahoo!, del.ici.ous, StrikeIron services, and others – create mashups and other web 2.0 apps easily.
  • Adobe PDF – support for PDF creation, reading, editing.
  • Mail – read and send e-mail, including support for MIME Many other framework services including support for safer and more secure applications with input filtering, authentication, & HTML escaping, as well as caching, filtering, logging, input validation, and more.

You can download Zend Framework at: http://framework.zend.com/

There are numerous interesting facts and features of Zend which, I will be sharing with you in the next go. Stay tuned for more….

Have a nice time!

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