Zend Offers New Cloud Technology Platform for PHP Developers

The Zend technologies publicized last Tuesday about a new cloud technology platform for the creation as well as deployment of the PHP applications on the other various clouds.  It is based on the server as well as the architectural framework of the Zend. It comprises the Zend Developer Cloud and the Zend App Fabric.

Cloud Technology Platform for PHP Developers

The Zend App Fabric offers services such as tracing of codes, caching, hot fixes and support, to name a few. It also makes use of the Zend Framework. It primarily includes the components of the PHP that are loosely affixed with one other.

Benefits related to Zend PHP Cloud Application Platform are reduction of cost, portability across several different clouds, high availability as well as high performance of the applications and streamlining of the creation, testing as well as deployment process.

The PHP application server has been built on the Zend server. This server provides for the required platform for the running of the PHP applications on the private as well as the public infrastructure related to the cloud.

The Zend Developer Cloud makes easy the process of sharing of the source code files. Andi Gutman, co-founder of the Zend Technologies stated that “In my opinion, the developer cloud is the coolest thing we’ve done since Zend Framework,”.  He also said that “The developer experience is unique, and most application platform vendors today are really focused on production, and they put some lipstick on that to make it feel like a development environment. They make it feel developer-ish… We think development should stand on its own.”

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