Yahoo Loses Cloud Chief Todd Papaioannou

Todd Papaioannou was the Cloud Computing chief for Yahoo, who has recently quit the company. This means that Yahoo not only loses the VP who had the chief responsibility of handling the Cloud Computing, but Todd helped with strategic decisions with regards to the Hadoop Teams as well! He therefore had a major role to play with regards to some of the most important decisions with regards to Yahoo!’s IT strategies.

Enterprise Software EngineeringEven though his term at Yahoo has been short, since May 2010, he had already made his mark in Yahoo. Previously he was employed with Greenplum (before it became a part of EMC). He was mainly involved in Enterprise Software Engineering, as the chief architect and director of engineering.

Todd mentions that the reason for his quitting Yahoo is nothing but pursuing “personal predilections”. He wants to be associated with the competitive small and enterprise software engineering shipping market, which is where his interests lie. He finally wants to launch his own company, but that would be sometime in the future.¬†Currently Todd plans to take up employment with Battery Ventures.

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