Winter Corporate Gathering

Like all other years, this year also we had arranged for a wonderful year-end corporate meet. This time, we went for a picnic to a nearby place and spent a full-day with our office mates. That was a Sunday. We all woke up early in the morning and rushed to the venue, where our bus was waiting for us. You will be amazed to know that in this picnic not only the employees but their family members were also cordially invited. So, we had even more fun. Though we all participated and took initiative, some of our friends put more labor to make this happen. They went to the spot beforehand and inspected to make sure that we would all love that pace.

Maketick Year ending party

The picnic spot was really good we got enough of space to do whatever fun activities we like. We reached the spot by 10 am and had our breakfast. Food was really amazing and we also had plenty of soft drinks along with it. After the breakfast period got over, we played different types of interesting games. There were also prizes for the winners. All of us could not perform that well, but we all enjoyed those events to our heart’s content. We also arranged for a dance competition. It was just for a fun. We all danced together, sang together and enjoyed to the fullest.

After doing such activities and participating in chitchat, it was time to hit the lunch area. The lunch arrangements were too good. We had different mouthwatering dishes in the meal. The cook prepared some special delicacies for vegetarians; there was also a good arrangement for the non-vegetarians.

Finally after finishing off our lunch, we spent some leisurely hours with each other by discussing our client projects. We shared our ideas and opinions on several official issues. Finally, it was time to go back. We boarded the bus once again. Though we were exhausted, we keep up the jovial mood. We sang, we danced, we shouted but everything comes to an end. Finally we get down from the bus and bid goodbye to each other and went back to our respective homes.

Though it was only a full-day event, we will always cherish those wonderful moments together. Time passes away, nobody knows what is waiting for us in the coming years, but as long as we will survive we will surely count it as an unforgettable life-long experience, a beautiful day spent together.

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