Windows 8 Beta and Windows Store of Microsoft

Microsoft announced the arrival of Windows 8 Beta in the coming year towards the end of February in San Francisco. Apart from the Windows 8 Beta, Microsoft would also introduce to the world the Windows Store.


The declaration of the launch of the Windows Store took place in September in 2011. It is indeed a bold step as it aims to transfer from one podium to another the user base, which already has an existence of billions.


Microsoft also disclosed some details as far as revenue share and pricing is concerned. The company would have a hold on the 30 percent of revenue from the subscriptions of app or from sales purchase. The interesting fact is that the publisher would decide on the cost price and not Microsoft. There would be a drop in the cut from 30 percent to 20 percent only after the app is able to generate $25, 000$ in sales. There would be a division of 70/30 as well for transactions of only those particular apps, which makes use of the billing system of the Microsoft.


Windows 8 Beta

Regarding the pricing, Microsoft would initially distribute free apps, but later on the apps would be on display at the cost ranging from 1.49$ to 999.99 $.


The Windows store, which is the new app store, would feature apps that have been designed keeping in mind the Metro style for desktop computers, laptops and Windows 8 tablets. Initially the users would be able to download, license and purchase these apps from the Windows store. The prime use of the newly designed apps is related to the organizing of photos, messaging on devices of Windows 8, social networking and entertainment. It would also ensure protection from bugs and malware.


Microsoft would thus be able to control on the new additional features of your PC, when the apps in use by you in the new Metro interface.

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