Why Online Reputation Management is Essential?

Only having an online presence is not enough, you need to keep a regular track of your online image. This is because; it takes hardly a fraction of second to tarnish an organization’s reputation. So, never take the negative comments casually, because in the long run it may have an adverse effect on your company’s reputation.

It is always advisable to listen to the online conversations about your brand. So that in case of fraudulent scheme, you can take necessary steps. Usually, most of the time scamming is done through consumer-generated media like, forums, blogs, message boards etc. So, while going through your online reputation management procedure do not miss to check out those social networking sites.

Major Steps in Online Reputation Management

The main steps involved in this process of online reputation management are monitoring, analyzing and influencing.

  • Monitor
  • In order to monitor what is happening online you can set up Yahoo and Google Alerts.
    You can customize RSS readers for the purpose of brand tracking.
    You may take the help of sites such as Feedster and Technorati, which will allow you to watch your brand in blogs.
    Track all the names including company names, brand names, product names as well as key employee names.
    Do not forget to monitor the industry-related websites.

  • Analyze
  • On the other hand, under the online reputation management planning you should analyze your online assets. These assets basically include:

    Corporate Sites
    Product Sites
    Partner Sites
    Corporate Blogs
    Employee Blogs
    Corporate Communications
    Sister Sites and Micro-Sites


    By the term “influence” in online reputation management we mean taking part in the conversation and eliminating the sites, which may create negative impact on an organization’s reputation.

So, if you have an online reputation management project in your hand, never miss out to read this article.

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