Why it’s RIA for you?!

What makes the RIA different? How can they help my business? Well, these are the questions, which will definitely cross your mind if you are an entrepreneur. So let’s take a look at how differently and effectively can RIA add value to your business.

Rich Internet Applications are more responsive, interactive in nature and visually appealing than the other existing applications. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) can help your business a great deal by speeding up their processes and thus, creating a better experience for the end users. The Rich Internet Applications come with advanced features, which add up to bring out the best web technology for the end-users.

With the boom in the industry, the Rich Internet Applications are gaining quite a prominence with the businesses. RIAs have almost all the features of what we call the traditional desktop applications. RIAs typically transfer the processing necessary for the user interface to the Web client but keep the bulk of the data (i.e., maintaining the state of the program, the data etc.) back on the application server, which saves you the time of refreshing a page repeatedly.

Let’s see how does RIA work and where it stands apart from rest of the applications. Traditional web applications are mostly with client server architecture with the thin client. In case of RIA, all interaction needs to pass through the server. Normally in this approach we will pass some data to the server and server gives the response and then we are sending back the data to the client layer.

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) introduce intermediate layer between the user and the server. This layer is usually downloaded as part of the instantiation of the application, and may be supplemented by further code downloads as use of the application progresses. The client engine acts as an extension of the browser, and usually takes over responsibility for rendering the application’s user interface and for server communication.

From software development perspective RIA follows a standard software development model with rich controls that include powerful data and multimedia capability allowing us to present a rich set of information in an attractive interface. From design perspective, RIA delivers highly customizable output with a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) based model.

So it’s time for you to take up RIA and see your ROI soar high. So how soon are you planning to try it out?

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