What is the Difference between Keyword Density and Keyword Cloud?

Let’s draw out the basic difference between these two at the very outset by giving out their definitions in the truest possible way. Keyword cloud is basically the virtual representation of various keywords used in the website and the percentage of their usage in the web page is termed as keyword density. Most essential thing is to make sure that the vital keywords should possess appropriate keyword density for having a high ranking in various search engines.

Sometimes keyword cloud is popularly referred as tag cloud. In the visual design field it is known as weighted list. This very content tag is used in the site and is generally shown in alphabetic order. Primarily based on the system upon which the search engines view the webpage the virtual representation of the web page is done. A very good approach for gaining good ranking of the website is applying relevant keywords on the very beginning of the web page; it can be done throughout the website also to increase its (website) visibility and ranking simultaneously. The tag cloud exemplifies the density of keywords present on the site by using varying sizes of fonts.

How actually Keyword Cloud should be displayed?

The basic postulation being made by people that end users should be able to view the distinctions among font sizes is apparently false. An appropriate method to code keyword clouds is to place context of cloud inside the content and not in the CSS or Markup alone. The context information should be available for screen readers but should be concealed from the display. The items require to be demonstrated subsequently to each other rather than one per line. Demonstrating items subsequently to each other means managing the list elements display to inline. The context information can be easily hidden by wrapping it inside the <span> tag and then using off-left approach.

The final step is to add varying sizes to form the tag clouds differently. One can make use of classes to describe the varying sizes for tag clouds. Adding some Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and classes to define different sizes and colors provide more accessible and semantic keyword cloud or tag cloud.

Keyword Density

The keyword density describes the ratio of key phrases or keywords used in a website. The keyword density should be higher in a webpage so that more readers can reach to the website when searching from various search engines by putting a keyword. If a specific keyword has high density on specific webpage then there are more chances of that particular webpage to obtain higher ranking in search engine results.

How to Enhance Keyword Density Significantly?

The following tactics can be used to enhance keyword density in a webpage.

  • One can write important key phrases and keyword in the content of webpage. It will be beneficial to use synonyms of keywords instead of repeating the same keyword.
  • Always utilize keywords related to the website when designing a new webpage or updating an existing one. For instance, if a company is designing a website for computer accessories then they should contain related keywords such as computer hardware, computer products, pc maintenance and many more.

Improving keyword clouds and increasing the density of keywords on webpage will surely provide the high ranking and positioning in search engines results.

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