Vital Tips for Optimizing Video Content

Video is the taste of the web world now, no matter what is the topic it’s booming like anything else and keeping people hooked up with its topics. Statistics show that and average American internet user watches videos for about three hours every month while staying online.

As videos are now included into standard search results, an SEO can exploit this for increasing visibility of website through optimizing the videos. However, you have to focus over creating gripping, interesting, and search-friendly videos that people are ready to watch and spread virally.

Creating a video in today’s scenario is a piece of cake, but creating a remarkable one takes a toll out of you. Creating outstanding videos that have good searching rankings helps in a great way while generating traffic and increase sales for your website. Every minute about 15 hours of video gets uploaded in YouTube, to keep your video above all you have to follow some of the steps strictly.

Use Keywords

Make sure to use target keywords in the video file name as well as the video’s URL.  You should also include target keywords in the title, tags, and backlink anchor text.  In addition, write a brief, keyword-rich description for each of your videos to ensure that people searching online can find them more easily.

It’s important to optimize the textual content on the web pages where you post videos so they can be found more easily.  For example, you can bundle videos with their transcripts or include transcripts in the video descriptions to improve spiderability.  And last but not least, be sure to include the word, “video,” in the title of each of your videos to accommodate searchers who are looking specifically for video content.

Distribute Your Videos All Over the Place

In addition to posting videos on your site, make sure to distribute them to various video sharing sites on the web.  If you don’t want to do this manually, you can pay a video distribution service to do it for you.

And don’t forget to optimize your company’s channel pages on video sharing sites with keyword-rich content.  Additionally, be sure to place a link back to your site at the very beginning of each video’s description at sharing sites so you can drive some traffic back to your site.

Build Links to Your Videos

Just like they do with textual content, search engines judge the value and relevancy of videos based on the backlinks they have.  To help build links for your videos, make sure you enable sharing and embedding on video pages.

In addition, you can bookmark your videos, share them on Twitter and other social media sites, and link to them on relevant blog posts and web pages.  And don’t forget to cross-link your video to other relevant videos on your site.  Not only will cross-linking help to improve the search engine ranking of your videos, it will also lead to more views and make your site more user-friendly.

Increase the Number of Views

Okay.  So you’ve created a wonderful video, optimized it, and distributed it.  Now what?  You need to increase the number of views, that’s what!  Although sharing videos via social media will help you do that, there are a few other strategies you can apply as well to increase views.

For example, on video sharing sites like YouTube, you can submit video responses to highly popular videos in order to generate traffic to your own video content.  You can also pay for placements in YouTube’s Promoted Video program.  In addition, you can approach social media power users, explain to them why you think your videos will benefit their audience, and ask them to share your videos with their audience to give them a viral push

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