Top 10 Tech Trends of 2016

If you talk about the tech world, the only constant element that is “CHANGE”. Every day we are coming across to either a system update version or launch of technology or invention of some new device.

All these newbies have something genuinely new to surprise us. Consequently, our websites are also enjoying a regular change and so is our web development tips and tricks.

We have just stepped year 2016, and our tech world has bundles of tech tools to delight us.

tech trends 2016

Motion UI:

The new launch of Foundation for Sites 6 and the open source facility of Motion UI opened the lock gates of customized CSS transition. With this latest introduction, the web developer can work it with the JavaScript animation archives.

The Internet of Things(IoT):

Internet of Things (IoT) is a giant platform for Machine to Machine (M2M) communication. It is much wider than anyone can even imagine. The use of Smartphone and Intelligent device are normally monitored by new Software Device Relationship Management (DRM)

With IoT and Cloud technology connection between all intelligent device or device having the sensor for connection can be established.

Construction, Health, Vehicle, Mining, Retail all can be connected by IoT.

Responsive design: Spotting Challenging Challenges

Responsiveness was limited to mobile devices only. But with the plethora of intelligent handheld devices like tablets, Smartphones and wearable gadgets like Google Glass, Apple Watch and Oculus Rift flooding the tech market, responsiveness is facing the hardest challenge.

Semantic a user interface framework has launched its 2.1 version that can challenge this challenge!

Launch of 3D Printers:

Global purchases of 3D printers are expected to grow 98 percent in 2016.

3D printing will touch a zenith of technology over the next two years as the demand for comparatively inexpensive 3D printing machines is on a steady growth track followed by large industrial expansion.

New manufacturing, biomedical and consumer applications will proceed demonstrating 3D printing is a solid, viable and low-priced way to cut costs through better design update, streamlined prototyping and production in short-run.

IDEs based on Browser:

You can count on them for their easy accessibility and flexibility and community platform. If you want to test a bootstrap code of Jade and don’t want to download any file, you can approach them for a great outcome.

Real Time:

2016 is providing a wide Real-Time platform for all things we find around. In almost all desktop and mobile application, RealTime is playing a major role. Live streaming has also occupied a prominent position in the world of social marketing like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Block Advertisement:

In 2015, blocking of advertisement plugins caused a huge cash drainage and this, of course, is adversely affecting the ad world. So, in 2016, you can expect the ad sites to find innovative ways to promote their client companies and the website owners will also obviously fight back.

Securing security:

Since the technology is on a ride, the use of handheld devices like mobile, smartphone increased by a considerable number. This is negatively aiding the hackers to breach the mobile security and get the personal information.

So, in 2016 revised and more secure version of the security system is expected. The new apps will also be launched with high-security settings

Long Live Javascript:

Javascript will stay for decades for it has made browsers more powerful with its various frameworks and formats (tracking.js, WebAssembly). So in 2016 be sure to see JavaScript as the most efficient programming language

Slackbot is ON:

With the term UX, we mean User Experience Design while UI is the User Interface. With the launch of SLACKBOT, your business will be less busy yet more productive.
Though it has just started walking in the track of technology, but be sure it will run soon.

If you are looking for efficient yet inexpensive business tools, technology can help you most. There are countless options that were the giant of the tech world and will stay for real long, and some are coming up too with new promises. So, it is the best time for you to go through the technology advancement and use them appropriately in your project.

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