The Greatest Innovation at Low Cost: Cloud Makes It Happen

Innovation, quite in contrast to the earlier times, is no more an alienated process. These days, innovation is a collaborative effort, which materializes through conjoint effort of a group of experts as they continue sharing test results and newer ideas only to make the outcome more tangible and infrastructure friendly. However, one thing that remains true about innovation, whether it is this day or that day, is its success depends largely on constant flow of investment. Organizations that will spend money on a particular project, aim to enjoy the benefits of it once it is successful. Clearly, they can’t continue with bearing huge expense of running a project for an indefinite period of time without expecting any tangible results or return of investment.

 Benefits of Cloud Computing

How Does Cloud Help?

It has been quite a prolonged dilemma for industries to figure out where to and how to invest. In many cases, despite the idea appears promising but in the due course of time, people engaged in the project come across a barrier that becomes impossible to overcome. These situations imply complete wastage of money, time and effort. So, one of the major preoccupation of investors is finding the right technological assistance that would help in managing both time and resources.

This is exactly the point where Cloud comes to the scene. There is no knowing whether something really remarkable is possible to achieve or not, unless adequate trial is done. Cloud computing provides the exact technological platform to continue with experiment in a cost-effective manner, without causing any serious trouble for investors, in case the project fails. According to an article, published in the Forbes, the new age technocrats and business personnel are still not very highly in favor of using Cloud prevalently. Yet, scholars have identified three major benefits that organizations may enjoy if they choose cloud computing over their existing technological platform, namely:

  • SaaS (software as a service) empowered technological and operational changes
  • Changing the pace of business operations, such as addressing the market quicker and providing services faster than competitors
  • Special benefits in radically improvising enterprise mobility and overall business design of an organization

How Cloud Will Help in Achieving These Objectives at An Affordable Cost?

While reflecting over this important question, experts have started with explaining diverse nature modern business processes and how cloud computing can help in successfully integrating them. Irrespective of the nature of modern businesses, big or small, quite frequently we come across examples that organizations are operating from different global locations. Now, whether they are capitalizing on an improvement or planning to improve their existing infrastructure with the help of that innovation, in either case, it is very important to integrate respective output of the processes. And this process of integration is time consuming and resource demanding at the same time. Pat Romzek, the VP of International Market Development for Cisco explains the situation quite simply yet brilliantly:

…. It’s too complex for [small enterprises] to upgrade or to integrate, and it’s extremely costly for them to move forward. So they struggle with what to do. Then along comes the cloud, and what cloud does is provide a broad array of capabilities to everyone in their workforces, anywhere in the world, in real time, as well as reduce expenses. It will also accelerates business impact.Source:

The technological foundation that cloud computing has to offer, is not only significantly different than the traditional set up, but also, essentially, the computing network is much lenient and ubiquitous in terms of usage, especially in the existing ad-hoc team-based work environment.  So, if you are in favor of looking beyond what it used to be and planning to take your organization to a different height of enterprise mobility for ensuring long term success, opt for cloud computing.

Image Credit:  Dell’s Official Flickr Page

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