The Cloud Service Providers and the Patriot Act

The USA Patriot Act was introduced by the United States in the year 2011 in the month of October. This act allows the officials of the law to seek a court order, which lets access to the personal information of an individual without the concerned individual having any information about it. To put it in a simple way, any kind of data can be checked by the U.S since the company that stores the data or any vital information comes under the jurisdiction of the U.S government.  Its prime aim is to stop the terrorist activities.

USA Patriot Act

If any provider of cloud service is based in U.S or any customer of cloud computing services has a base in U.S, then he/she cannot escape from the clasp of the Patriot Act.

According to Alex Lakatos, “If an E.U. company has no U.S. presence and neither does its E.U. cloud company — which may happen from time to time — its data may be beyond the direct reach of the Patriot Act,”. He also says that “But even then, the same data may be accessible to the U.S. [government] via an MLAT [mutual legal assistance treaty] request.”

However, to be assured of the fact that your data is safe irrespective of the jurisdiction area of your cloud service provider, you should resort to the policy related to key management. Thus you should keep the keys of your data at a secured place. This ensures the fact that any person, who wishes to access your data, has to either ask you for the keys in a legal manner or search for the keys exhaustively.

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