J2ME Application Development

Application developers at Maketick have extensively developed mobile applications on the Java ME or the Java platform especially devised for mobile devices and embedded systems. Our J2ME expertise enables us to provide innovative wireless solutions to clients who wish to incorporate wireless mobile based apps into their existing operational set-up.

Our highly skilled developers and engineers are conversant with technologies like J2MEPolish, MIDP Framework, Blackberry Framework and CLDC/CDC. We provide highly functional J2ME apps by utilizing valuable resources like J2MEPolish Eclipse Plug In, Netbeans, Eclipse, Nokia Series 40, Sun Wireless Toolkit, Sony Ericssion Emulators, Series 60and Series 80 Emulators, Blackberry Device Emulato and Blackberry IDE.

Maketick’s J2ME developers acquire vast knowledge and expertise in:-

  • Record distribution and storage management
  • Wireless messaging API (JSR-120) for smooth initiation of SMS communications
  • Mobile media API (JSR-135) for easy management of microphone, camera, network connection along with other mobile device multimedia components
  • Push registry for commencing on-demand operations
  • Code sign certificates charting out significant app functions without bringing about recurring permission requests
  • J2ME web services APIs
  • PDA profile for J2ME (JSR-75)
  • Security and trust services API for J2ME

At Maketick, you get the following J2ME application development solutions:-

  • J2ME mobile application development on a diverse range of mobile devices compatible with brands like LG phone, Nokia, Samsung, etc.
  • Development of mobile websites
  • Programming services on devices like Windows Mobile Pocket PC
  • Disconnected and connected mode application
  • Oracle Lite and SQL Mobile support
  • Effective and smooth co-ordination with Enterprise Database Oracle / SQL
  • Windows Mobile 5.6/6.0 development
  • iPhone mobile application development
  • iPhone mobile website development
  • Enterprise Database incorporation with Replication / XML
  • Google-Android mobile hosted services

Maketick has just the right expertise in the modern Java technologies that spell life to your bland online presence. Avail our championed and valuable J2ME application development services to outweigh your competitors in not time.