Hybrid Apps Development

Hybrid mobile apps development presents the ‘win-win’ unison of native and mobile web development. We at Maketick Inc. strive hard to make the most of this unique synergy between CSS, HTML and JavaScript while extending native device capability into the mobile web browser.

Here are some of the features of our Hybrid Applications:-

  • Integration with the device’s file system
  • Consistent function whether or not the device is connected
  • Embedded browser enhancing access to dynamic online content
  • Integration with web services

Hybrid applications is known to bring the precision of native development like device integration, push notification, offline access and synchronization, application market integration along with a superlative user experience. Developers and engineers at Maketick reap full benefits of all these advantages to develop versatile hybrid apps.

Hybrid application development makes it easy to unify mobile and web development. Incorporating the portability and wide adoption of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, our adept team of developers truly creates robust cross-platform innovations.

HTML5 is the most anticipated markup language specification that is popular primarily for its rich user interaction and capabilities with the web browser. HTML5 is also substantially used in hybrid and mobile web development. Our high skilled developers ensure utilizing the advantages of HTML5 technology including geolocation, device capability detection, media playback, device capability detection, web application cache, web threading, etc.