Multi Platform Application Development

Multi Platform Application Development services delivered by Maketick Inc. are designed and crafted in a manner that our clients’ requirement to reach out and address their huge customer base, using various mobile platforms, is addressed. With the unprecedented boom in the numbers of smartphone users, the notions about communication and marketing have also experienced a sudden yet positive push. Developing mobile applications that are compatible with various mobile OS is a great way to keep your services and offerings at the fingertip of your targeted customer base, even when they are on the go.

Generally, a mobile application performs two functions:

  • Acquiring the highest numbers of customers
  • Tightening the bond with customers (customer engagement), hailing from the target market segment

Why Multi Platform Application Development?

The modern day customers aren’t dependant on any particular type of mobile platform. Mainly three types of mobile platforms are currently leading the scenario, namely – Android, iOS and Windows. The large customer base you are targeting doesn’t necessary rely on smarphones with a particular kind of mobile OS. Naturally, developing single platform applications that are compatible only with a specific type of mobile platform (Android or iOS or Windows) will simply limit your services to a particular group of smartphone and other types of mobile device users. Developing application that are supported by multiple platforms helps you to overcome this limitation.

What are the Additional Benefits of Multi Platform Application Development?

  • Ease with marketing and promoting your products and services
  • Multi platform application development makes it easier for you to maintain, update and deploy changes.
  • Relief from the additional complication of handling more than one app and syncing them with the actual design
  • No need to jump from one technological platform to another while developing the app
  • Multi platform application development saves you from hiring experts, specialized in separate coding languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Overall reduction in development and maintenance cost

At Maketick Inc. we understand the importance of developing fully functional multi platform applications. We keep evaluating the output in every stage of development as per the specification, provided by our clients. Before delivering the final output, we also run demo tests on various mobile platforms and make sure to remove even the slightest hitch (if it exists).

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