Business Intelligence

Relying on Maketick’s business-intelligence application services, a client is able to access relevant data to make faster fact-based decisions. Our applications provide intuitive business analysis that enables formulation of informed decisions.

Maketick, Inc. provides Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that are comprehensive and able to deliver intellect across the organization. We ally with Oracle, SAP, IBM etc. to provide services that improve the outcome of the client’s enterprise. The BI solution initiates rapid deployment and lowers the TCO (Total cost of Ownership) of the customer. Aligning cross-functionally across all departments of a client’s enterprise, our BI solution assists in increasing the overall productivity. The BI supports analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs), workflows etc.

Benefits of deploying BI application

Reduction of BI deployment time and IT costs:

  • The time needed to define the user requirements is minimized. Evaluating the source systems, and designing data models, our solution enables the client to be able to write ETL (Extract, transform, load) codes. It also creates reports by using the pre-built tools of mapping, modeling etc.
  • Consolidates the ongoing system administration and change management.

Aligning of the decision-making throughout the organization

  • Understands the cause and effect relationship by cross-functional analysis conducted between key performance indicators in different departments.
  • Facilitates informed decisions based on metrics, calculations and definitions.

Conservation and improvement of cash flows

  • Identification of late payers and vendors who can be targeted for aggressive collections or paid slowly without distressing operations.
  • Highlights pendant receipts and payments that reduce the maturity and amount of revolving credit.

Improving customer satisfaction and increasing loyalty

  • Identifies profitable, unprofitable, promoted products, sale opportunities, and customers.
  • Understands the effectiveness of allegiance programs, advertising operations, or promotions.

Maketick’s BI solution provides unlimited workspace. Our solution expands the BI capabilities with collaboration, predictive analytics, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring, and more. With the ability to commune, search, and assemble all the business’ perspective of the client, our BI solution meets the requirements of a customer’s business. For more details on our BI solution contact or

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