Technology Trends Applicable to Meetings and Events

Advancement in technology is a never ending process. New technological applications are making their presence felt in meetings, events and trade shows.

Technology Trends

Mentioned below are a few of the recent technology trends:

  • Availability of Applications For Free or at a Low Price – Ray Kurzweil, a top futurist stated that “Information technologies of all types are doubling in capability every year”. The process of developing software has become an easy and a quick process. Application programming interfaces as well as the web services has made the possible the act of the sharing of data amongst the web sites a hassle free affair. Several web tools that are available at a low price have helped individuals to perform better in their job tasks. Numerous travel applications as well as other applications available at a cheap price or for free can also be used for performing tasks. The individuals can also make use of the online databases that are available for free for accomplishing their task.
  • Mobile Technology Makes a Foray into Events - It has been estimated that 80% of the professional workers make use of Smartphones as well as the other mobile handset devices for job purpose. More organizations and professional workers would resort to the use of the mobile applications in this year as well as in the coming year. For the reason that it would ensure definite location information, actual time distribution related to the information about conference happenings and better options related to polling. It also ensures improved CRM, revenue, attendee experience and attendee analytics.
  • DIY (Do it Yourself) Mobile Event Applications – One of the prime areas of mobile development is the sphere of DIY.  It is easy to develop business app across all platforms along with customizable colors, content and logos.
  • HTML5 would Emerge To Be The Standard for Event Mobile Applications – HTML5 is a language meant for the structuring and the presentation of the content for the web world. It is the latest as well as the fifth version of the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). This language is simple and thus the programmers are relieved of the burden of creating tailor made applications for all the operating systems of the mobiles. It also works across all the Smartphones.
  • Distribution and Recording of Conference is Quick Paced as well as Cheap – With the use of the new tools, it has become possible for the organizations to record the audio or the video as well as the slides of the presentations. The organizations can also distribute or sale the record of videos or presentations via the websites at the day end. The streamlining of technology for the purpose related to the distribution of the actual time has also become a simple affair.
  • Extension of Hybrid Meetings – A hybrid meeting can be described to be a conference, seminar, workshop, tradeshow or other meeting event that includes the constituents of a live meeting and meeting conducted over the internet. Both these are merged to build up a completely new meeting event. It has the capacity to create a grave impact of the whole event. Hybrid meeting is sure to witness an increase in the future years.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) would provide for efficient services and connectivity for events It is basically wireless and short range connectivity standard that makes possible the connection between the gadgets when they touch each other. Its use is sure to grow and it could be said so in respect to the making of any kind of payment with the use of the Smartphones in the United States. It provides for easy electronic ticketing, payment of credit card and electronic business card exchange. It also makes the process of selecting the digital documents, educational notes, exhibit brochure as well as other documents a simple affair.
  • Increase in the use of YouTube and Other Social Tools – The social networking websites keep the individuals who would attend a meeting, busy and it thus enhances more attendance. It also ensures improved networking functions.
  • Use of More Tools Related to the purpose of Social Gaming to engage the Virtual and the Live Attendees at the Events: It has been estimated that people all over the world spend at least 3 billion hours to play online games. It would also make an entry at a slow and steady pace at all the events or rather at all the meeting events.  However, social gaming is also being made use of to engage the individuals who would be attending the hybrid as well as the virtual meetings.
  • Tablets and iPads would be responsible for a New Route to access the Data at the Events – The tablet and the iPads presents new routes to have access to any kind of information. The large screen resolutions thus display in large font size the required information. Thus reading through a text becomes an easy task. It has been predicted that in the coming years it would be in use at the events and the conferences for interactive activities, distributions, surveys, displays of products and for other purposes as well.
  • Wifi Increase Predicted – Wi-Fi broadband internet that is freely accessible has made an entry into the meeting rooms. Its benefits are, unrestricted and unlimited upload as well as download, easy installation and free access to Internet. At present mobile devices are made use of for functioning on the Internet. The mobile handset devices make the screen easy to read irrespective of format size and offers enhanced frequency.
  • The Indoor Positioning System would provide assistance to Trade Shows and Events – The phrase Indoor Positioning System (IPS) describes a network of devices that is used to search people or objects wirelessly. This trend would enhance the functional operation of the museums, airports, shopping centers and hospitals.

Thus these applications would bring about a significant change in the market of new technology and trends.

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