Surprise Google PageRank Update: What Could This Mean?

Google Simply Loves to Surprise or the Story Runs Deeper?

Talks and discussions about Google’s PageRank update (December 6, 2013) are all over the web. In this year, this is the second PR update (generally, it happens at a gap of every 3 months). It also observes a gap of almost 10 months with the first one in this year. Google, indeed, made this year happening for webmasters and SEO professionals by introducing several changes, such as Hummingbird, Penguin 2.1, securing keyword data and expanding the use of natural search queries over keyword specific search. In addition, decision of the team to leave PageRank unattended drew a lot of attention. Matt Cutts, the distinguished engineer of Google, while replying to a question over Twitter said that before 2014 no revamping of PageRank will be done. Yet, with the update is here all of a sudden and forced many to speculate the reasons that may have driven the search giant to mend its PR tool ahead of time.

Surprise PageRank Update from Google

Possible Reasons Behind Sudden PageRank Tool Revamping:

Webmasters and web marketing professionals, clearly, have welcomed the latest PR update heartily. Beyond the gain or loss with ranking, the feel-good factor, as it appears, is that Google hasn’t yet killed PR. However, a few experts have already started digging deeper to find the possible reasons why Google, despite the declaration that before 2014 there won’t be any PR upgrade, made it happen earlier! Here follows a list of possibilities that have propelled the update:

  • #No Real-time data? Many believe that the data that the latest update is based-on is not real-time and a few months old. However, logical base of this argument can be questioned as Google gets the latest data on the PageRank tool and there is no reason why they should push out the old data, without any valid reason.
  • #Motivation Factor for the SEOs? Several changes occurred since the last Google PageRank update in February. Internet marketing experts indeed received information about traffic to the website, bounce rate, conversion issues through analytics tool and webmaster account. Finding a solid answer about the status of website authority, after being hit by Hummingbird, Penguin 2.1 and removal of keyword data from webmaster tools became almost impossible. Google was aware about the growing agitation as PageRank toolbar, unlike other mediums, provide an indication of site authority through a 0 to 10 scale. May be Google has realized after facing so many challenges, webmasters will be looking forward to so some motivation. And what could be more motivating or evaluating than finding that PR rank of your website has increased.
  • #Giving websites and webmasters fair chance to make the best out of the festive time? Christmas is at the door and purchase will rise exponentially. But how can every online business get a fair chance to improve the drawbacks and participate in the competition unless it knows the scope for betterment. PR rank will provide them nothing but an impression of their website authority. Accordingly, they will be able to plan the course of action and take their competitors head on, in a specific market segment.
  • #An Attempt to Make Hummingbird more Relevant and Widespread? Google internally reviews PageRank data on a regular basis and impact of the review is reflected over the algorithm. Now, the search engine may have introduced the Hummingbird update along with Knowledge Graph but it hasn’t yet become completely operational, may be because of the broken link problem with PageRank tool. With the latest update, now, Google will enjoy an immense scope to review real-time data and change the algorithm accordingly only to make it more powerful, applicable and widespread.

Google Means ‘There is a Lot Left to the Story':

There is nothing conclusive about factors that have made the sudden and ahead-of-time PageRank tool update from Google possible. Yet, once we start considering the time and urgency behind this surprising step, the above-mentioned points become highly relevant. Looking back it becomes clear that every improvement the search engine giant makes have a far-reaching, manifold and complementary impact over other updates that were done before along with those that are about to come. Behind this sudden yet sweet surprise, there is surely some plan, which only time and future action from Google can reveal.

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