Study reveals, Cloud on its way to generate 14 million job opportunities by 2015!

There’s real good news for all aspiring IT professionals! Based on a recent study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by IDC, cloud computing is all set to generate about 14 million jobs globally by 2015. Apparently, this massive employment opportunity will be funded by Cloud at an estimated rate of $1.1 trillion dollars that it is going to generate simultaneously by 2015.

Cloud computing

However, this opportunity is also going to clear off all airs and misconceptions that has been surrounding cloud computing for a while now. Supporting the statement, IDC chief research officer and senior vice-president has quoted- “A common misperception is cloud computing is a job eliminator, but in truth it will be a job creator — a major one.” He further added in a recent company report that due to cloud job growth will be widespread and will occur across continents and throughout organizations of all sizes because emerging markets, small cities and small businesses have the same access to cloud benefits as large enterprises or developed nations.”

Countries in particular like India and China will witness most of the job growth. Industry experts are expecting that these countries will give rise to 6.75 million cloud jobs as opposed to a projected 2.07 jobs in the European, African and Middle Eastern region (EMEA), 2.8 million in Asia-Pacific along with 1.17 million in North America.

The report also points out that India and China will remain at the vanguard for maximum cloud job creation, mostly because of the presence of huge manpower in the region. It is also mentioned in the report that due to less ‘legacy drag’ while essentially backing up traditional IT software and systems along with infrastructure disputes, they lend themselves to cloud adoption as the main driving force.

Although, the United States is heading the entire scenario in one aspect which is ‘spending’, the president of Microsoft (North America division) Robert Youngjohns has blogged recently stating that, “the U.S. accounted for 62 percent of worldwide spending for public IT cloud services last year.”

Small and Medium businesses are piloting the charge:

As far as information technology trends are concerned, it was the startup and medium business units that used to follow suit trends raged by the bigger enterprises. But now this pattern has completely turned upside down-all thanks to the cloud computing phenomena! Going by the report, “IDC believes that small and medium-sized companies — at least those with computers — will adopt cloud IT services faster than larger companies.” Consequently, small to medium businesses will be generating about 1.2 million cloud jobs more than the large enterprises that boils down to the figure-  7.5 million versus 6.3 million.

With less legacy drag and limited chances of getting let down, SMB’s like India and China are rapidly foraying into cloud computing as compared to their established counterparts. Yet another factor contributing to the massive adoption of cloud in these SMB’s is expense reduction, keeping in view about the global meltdown, no wonder companies will prefer having a reasonable alternative.

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