Stop Losing Valuable Data (Whether by Mistake or Hacking) on Cloud

To Cloud or Not to Cloud – That’s the Question:

To cloud or not to cloud – as the idea of enterprise mobility and real-time data sharing is becoming increasingly popular, the new-age enterprises are getting deeper in the dilemma whether or not they should opt for cloud computing. Considering the spectrum of advantages that cloud computing platform has to offer, there is no reason that companies should not opt for this platform. However, despite the magnitude of advancement cloud technology has experienced since last few years, it continues to stagger while ensuring protection against losing data or data theft.
Cloud computing experts and leaders are of opinion that the future will be all about cloud and it is not far. Yet, the constant problem with handling cloud security issues is the major reason that the future is not really happening.

Lower the Chance of Data Lose or Theft with Cloud Security

Learn Protecting Data Today for a Better Tomorrow:

Stepping into the future, where real-time data sharing is a necessity and perfecting the idea of enterprise mobility is the ultimate goal, is not easy unless the existing problems with data lose or data theft is correctly dealt with. While incidents like mobile application hacking are quite regular these days, on the other hand, human fallibility also plays an important role in losing data. The process of ensuring data protection and management, thus, takes a complex shape, which not only involves active participation of application-network administrators, programmers but also of individuals who use the data. Here follow some essential responsibilities that application developers, applications managers, organizations and users should follow to reduce valuable data lose, significantly.

Duties of App Developers for Secure Data Management:

The best way to ensure data security is implementing safety measures to the mobile applications, mobile devices and data network. People, who are responsible to maintain an app, should not only start with adding relevant security features to design and developing faculty but also test effectiveness of the security features in different settings, imposing various threats. They should continue improving security parameters and updates of the same should be rolled out on a regular interval only to make sure that the evolving data theft possibilities are correctly handled. Some of the specific and immediate actions that should be deployed in this context with more efficiency and sincerity are:

  • Improved mobile device management (MDM) solutions
  • Making internet networks and web gateways more secure
  • Deploying firewalls and updating them on regular intervals
  • Installing identity confirmation steps
  • Securing data virtualization or making the data management process more secure so that the possibility of data manipulation from the physical location becomes difficult
  •  Deploying the latest app sandboxing techniques so that additional security parameters can be installed to the application data, servers that the application is connected with and code distribution sources

Mobile App Sandboxing to Secure Data Access

Duties that Users Should Fulfill for Stopping the Valuable Data Lose:

“To err is human” and accessing cloud platforms through mobile devices from different circumstances at an increasing rate is simply increasing erroneous actions, leading to losing valuable data. The chances of such lose are highest while using massive cloud data storage systems, such as, Google, SkyDrive, SugarSync or Dropbox. Data administrators, managers and cloud service providers cannot help you in retrieving the lost data. What is required on your part is a bit of sincerity and planned used of cloud. The following steps will surely be helpful:

  • Combining a physical data storage system with cloud-based back up
  • Better to opt for paid cloud solution providers when it comes to storing sensitive data as free cloud-based storage systems are often not foolproof and the scope of disaster recovery is pretty limited
  • Opting for affordable cloud services brokerage (CSB) as with this service maintaining and consuming data from multiple service providers become easy

Plan It! Execute It!

Losing valuable data or suddenly finding that a confidential database that you have been accessing through a mobile app has been hacked can be extremely frustrating. Storing the data on cloud without adequate planning simply increases the chance of lose or data hijack. However, with adequate initiative from both users, mobile app developers and data administrators planning and executing a foolproof data management system can be established. So, whether you are a cloud users or data manager, you need to do the relevant planning and find the best way to execute the same, only to make sure that no data is lost or stolen.

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