Application Infrastructure

Application Infrastructure encompasses application servers, database servers, web servers in a network infrastructure. The application infrastructure initiates growth by leveraging information. Used for some core functionalities like transaction management, app-to-app messaging, proprietary access, clustering, etc. the framework enables business enterprise to integrate, deliver, and manifest data. Maketick, Inc. ensures that the application infrastructure provides extended support to a wide array of services.

Maketick, Inc. offers 40-60% of performance improvements with broader range of loading algorithms, SSL acceleration, and HTTP compression. These provide additional functional enhancements, enabling us to deliver viable, balanced enterprise applications, which facilitate productivity. Our multifaceted, custom applications infrastructure solution comprises of application servers, embedded database, app management tools. The system comes with the ability to interconnect and integrate with other existing applications and data repositories.


  • Offering tools for the progress of sophisticated business applications, the application infrastructure environment is devised to develop and reuse the business logic of client meritoriously and proficiently.
  • Accelerating the deployment of business systems with tools to provide scalability and availability.
  • Reliable, the infrastructure ensures business to deliver consistent results even when facing challenges.
  • Decreasing the costs of client’s business management and administration by implementing virtualization and cloud technologies. We provide operational continuity as the application infrastructure simplifies operations.
  • Enables seamless accessibility to information and risks are kept within acceptable parameters.
  • The infrastructure implements various business applications through collaboration and messaging, Microsoft clusters, ERP, CRM, business intelligence, portals, system management, web services etc.
  • Manageability is improved with virtualization of server.

Maketick’s optimizes the application infrastructure for speed and flexibility enabling to deliver services that reach target clients faster. We develop application to increase efficiency, augmenting the resources and decreasing the time of deployment. Workloads are automated in virtualization and thereby it consolidates resources, and reduces risks. For more information on the Application Infrastructure, contact

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