Professional Services

Maketick, Inc. believes that it is important to leverage technology by providing scalable, reliable, and intelligent solutions that help define the client’s business environment. Our niche is to deploy professional services that are based on rationale strategies, research, knowledge, and expertise. Ensuring that the client’s IT infrastructure aligns with their business objectives, our IT consultation services proffer architecture, design, and process that would facilitate growth of the organization.

Our pool of technicians will work with the client to improve their capabilities and provide maximum returns on investments. We,

  • Identify the maximum value progress practices for the project
  • Train the team for the practical applications
  • Speed up the adoption process with minimal of disturbance to other ongoing projects

Key Features of our Professional Services

Engaging professional services, we tailor both large and small-scale solutions that would meet the requirements of the client.

The SCM of Maketick provides improved insight, accessibility, and predictability. With an instant and controlled access provided to the client, our SCM is scalable, centralized, autonomous software-as-a-service solution.

  • Extensive knowledge on BI and Analytics, Cloud, Enterprise Mobility, Networking and Convergence, IT management consulting, Collaboration
  • Prompts business returns from capitalization of software
  • Surpassing the expectation of clients, with flexible delivery options that increases agility
  • Comprehensive knowledge of technology that aspires to meet the specifications, standardizations and quality of the client’s enterprise
  • Rational technological partnerships that enables agile developmental process
  • IP based connectors
  • Solutions that amalgamate work processes, infrastructures, and knowledge resources

Delivering solutions that fosters growth Maketick, Inc. implements secured end-to-end business solutions that accelerate performance of the client’s business.

Innovative Solution

Powering the client’s enterprise, we integrate software that would meet the requirements of the organization. With globalization reshaping the work process of all enterprises, Maketick, Inc. assists in redefining, rethinking, deploying, and managing technology to provide long-term innovative solutions. Creating niche frameworks with collaboration, we assist the customer to improve their performance, bottom line and cost savings.


Including methodologies, proprietary planning tools, Maketick, Inc. provides next generation solutions, which deliver greater efficiencies to the client’s business. Focusing on the core requirements of the customer, our technological solutions provide real time analytics and insights across multiple enterprise environments. Helping to advance the customer’s technological system, Maketick, Inc. solutions help accelerate time to market, and deliver a competitive edge.

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