Software Configuration Management

As per the definition, Software Configuration Management is a set of engineering procedures that tracks and documents the software throughout its life cycle. It ensures that all changes are traced and recorded in the present software. Maketick’s SCM provides the platform to maintain all information in a central repository that is reproducible as and when required. The SCM will simultaneously update data, eliminate redundant work that requires maintenance, and control different versions of the software against a singular master set. It enables stability of IT environments, lowers the operating costs, decreases the risk of production outage, and improves the incident investigation time and effort.

Essential Features of Maketick’s SCM

  • Concurrency Management: Simultaneous editing of files without removing or deleting any revision. Synchronizing with multiple departments, the SCM facilitates updates and merges the changes to the repository.
  • Versioning: The file revisions are traced to enable roll back to older versions seamlessly. The feature maintains reports of the change, time of change and persons who checked in the change.
  • Synchronization: Individual data can be checked in or out as required.
  • Easy access to files (or repository)
  • Automation of reports 

The SCM of Maketick provides improved insight, accessibility, and predictability. With an instant and controlled access provided to the client, our SCM is scalable, centralized, autonomous software-as-a-service solution.

Benefits of using Maketick’s SCM

Designed to address the dynamic needs of the competitive world, the SCM collaborates with intelligent analytics to approach the changes in the critical decisions and thereby manipulates the complexity of manual data. Integrating the latest features, the SCM supports prolific parallel development and merges time, eliminating the duplicate code bases.

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