Product Concept

To survive in this competitive market, it is important for business enterprises to encourage innovation and thereby adapt a structured approach towards progress. Maketick, Inc. formulizes product concept development to present potential technological solutions. This process of concept development is driven by customer requirements and target product specifications. We methodically evaluate the client’s business needs by assessing the following:

  • The potential and the weakness of the target product
  • The integrated product features and their add-ons
  • Budget and time constraints
  • Future prospects of the target product

Process of Product Concept Development

  • Defining the problem of the client: Maketick, Inc. interprets the needs and requirements of the client. Deconstructed into smaller issues, they are then addressed and documented for the rapid development of concepts.
  • Generating the Product Concept: Each sub issue is individually addressed and appropriate solutions are found by implementing tools and research.
  • Evaluating or Selecting of the Concept: The rapid idea development is analyzed. Alternative results are collected, assessed, and ranked against other ideas. Finally evaluated by the customer, the product concept moves on to being productized.

Benefits of the Product Concept

  • A methodical approach to all present solution ideas
  • Including research that explores extensive solution concepts
  • Assessment of previously rejected product concepts
  • Integrating viable fragmented solution ideas

A systematic approach to product concept development increases the efficiency of product design.

  • Equipped with niche technologies and tools to leverage productive concept generation
  • Eliminates redundancy by adapting formalized developmental process

Maketick, Inc. believes that it is important to identify the best product concept to avoid expensive customizations. Ensuring the viability of the product concept, we help client to meet all its requirements. For more details on the product concept developmental process, contact

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