HR Management

Maketick, Inc. believes that the workforce is the greatest asset in any organization. The Human Resource Management software manages human resources, and increases the efficiency by simplifying and automating the HR related functionalities. Our HR management software encompasses the engagement lifecycle of the employee and meets routine functionalities, and complies with the regulations of the client’s enterprise.

Reliable and cost efficient, the software assists through the various phases of resource management. Tracking the career growth of the employees, our software enables to reap the potentialities of workforce. Maketick’s HR management application is effortlessly operable and provides easy accessibility to relevant information. Implementing the software reduces excess administrative work.

Our software is scalable, which complements the client’s organizational growth. We understand the importance of software that provides real time workforce analytics with reporting capabilities. Our solution brings forth the following benefits:

  • Standardization of all HR processes.
  • Improves operational efficiency by enhancing the productivity of the HR department.
  • Reduction of overhead that enhance client satisfaction.
  • Faster processing of payments and absenteeism ensuring employee satisfaction.
  • Structured flow of information between departments.
  • Develops the decision making process.
  • With the software, the client can meet audit and compliancy requirements.

Catering to multiple sectors, our HR Management application software eliminates losses, structures HR processes, and improves organizational planning efficiency. For more details on HR Management software contact