Enterprise Resource Planning

Maketick’s ERP solutions reduce the overhead costs of operations, improve management, and support strategic development across the client’s enterprise. The solution conjugates disparate functionalities existing in the client’s organization ranging from the financial management, human-capital management to the supply chain management. Maketick, Inc. is developing platforms of ERP and software as a service (SaaS) that accelerates the process of deployment and thereby facilitating simplicity, which reduces the total costs of ownership.

Understanding the need of a robust system, we provide the basic features as stated below:

  • Forming the sales orders and other prerequisite operations in regards with shipping and manufacturing procedure.
  • Managing the data and invoices of the services provided to the end-user.
  • Manufacturing and maintaining the modules of labor tracking, inventory control, lot tracking, serialization of customer funds etc.
  • Tracing the ledger module transactions, evaluation of the activity, production of financial reports of both internal and external consumptions within the client’s business.
  • Evaluation of the purchasing capabilities.

Maketick, Inc. deploys successful ERP platforms that leverage data, document all accounting transactions, and archive complex business activities. The system assists in monitoring performance of the client’s enterprise, and controls the assets and resources. The solution that we provide enables seamless flow of data and thereby empowers the workforce of the client’s enterprise. With worldwide alliances, Maketick, Inc. provides ERP solution that would complement the client’s business and streamline their operational processes in the organization.

ERP solutions through Compiere

The intelligent infrastructure of Compiere enables the most relevant data sharing. Our platform has integrated report generation tools and the dashboards present in the application are utilized to manage the overall performance of the enterprise by analyzing operational activities.

Improving the warehouse productivity, our ERP platform automates the purchase pathway, to management of materials and orders and traces both inbound and outbound logistics. For more details on our ERP solutions, contact info@maketick.com.