Enterprise Content Management

Maketick’s Enterprise Content Management utilizes methodologies to capture, activate, preserve, share, analyze, and deliver content relevant to the operations of the client’s organization. Assisting to provide better insight from analyzing the strategic value of content, Maketick, Inc. delivers ECM solutions that drive better outcomes. Transforming the way the client’s business operates, the ECM provides unified repositories that stores unstructured content. Given to the customer in accurate formatting, reinforcing the capabilities to operate and scale flexibly across multiple content environments.

Maketick’s ECM solution

Addressing the content management lifecycle, the ECM creates, versions, indexes, archives, manages, cleanses, dispenses, retains, and destroys. Managed through a centralized content server, our ECM includes management of websites, digital process assets, and archiving of multichannel content. The solution provides integrated workflow capabilities that aids in creating automated business processes for the client.

Benefits of the ECM

Managing documents:

  • Capturing, distributing, and archiving paper and digital based reports and documents, our ECM solution is a single, unified repository for content.
  • Cost effective solution, as it improves the operation efficiency by restructuring interactions, and automating the routine tasks.
  • Extraction of value-added content.

Capturing and Imaging:

  • An end-to-end business solution that captures a document’s images within the business process of the client.
  • Rationale data capture.
  • Automates routing of business processes.
  • Marking up of images.
  • Scaling of repositories that support enterprise-wide applications.

Publishing of Content:

  • Enabling the publishing of content as web pages.
  • Featured tools that augment productivity with faster updates to critical information.
  • Maintenance of current and accurate web content to establish brand.

Socializing content:

  • Architects need to socialize content for dynamic collaboration.
  • Collaboration provides smarter business environment, increasing productivity and improving decision-making process.
  • Proactive management of social content.

Digital Asset Management:

  • Coalition of digital asset management that archives, searches, and accesses the process assets of the business.
  • Enables the customer to convert high-resolution assets into user-friendly formats.

Mitigation of Risks

  • Reduces information loss and regulates non-compliancy
  • Reliable, the solution tracks unstructured/structured content through auditable process
  • Solution automates the categorization of the content and thereby providing easy visibility and accessibility

Disposal of unnecessary information:

  • Reduction of the storage costs.
  • Reduction of legal expenses.
  • Management of data by value.
  • Application of preservation schedules that consistently disposes unnecessary data.

Maketick’s ECM solution applies a cohesive strategy that manages content across the enterprise enhancing productivity and reducing overhead costs. The solution enables the client’s business to mitigate risks, and transform the content into intelligent and strategic asset. For more information on how ECM maximizes customer’s business value, contact info@maketick.com.