EAI Services

EAI or Enterprise Application Integration can be defined as the use of the architectural principles of the computer systems and the software systems for the integration of computer applications of a group of enterprise. It can also be described as the sharing of the business processes and the entire data throughout the data sources of the enterprise. In other words, it is the sharing of the data between all the applications.

The four categories of EAI are, Application Linking, Common Virtual System, Database Linking and Data Warehousing. Application Linking is the sharing of the data as well as the processes of business between either two or more than two applications. Common Virtual System includes the activity of the binding of all the data related to enterprise computing, for their visibility as a single application. Database Linking refers to the replication as well as sharing of information, if required. Data Warehousing refers to the activity of the extracting of the data from the data sources and directing them into a certain specific database for analysis purpose.

The professional and development team of Maketick has profound knowledge on this service and thus is able to deliver efficient solutions, within a quick span of time. We develop solutions, keeping in mind client requirement. Our EAI services and solutions are available at a cost effective price.


  • e-Commerce optimization
  • Nominal risk of data entry error
  • Easy rectification of error, if any
  • Improvement in business process
  • Better view of systems, which ensures increase in productivity
  • Tracking of data
  • Integration of the ERP systems
  • Integration of the supply chains
  • Removal of multiple data
  • Low opportunity cost
  • Low development cost
  • Reduced effort for maintenance
  • Integration of applications that allows fast access to the data of the entire enterprise with the use of the web console
  • Fast execution of work
  • Transactions at a high speed and at a reduced cost

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