Customer Relationship Management

Providing services and products is not enough to survive in this competitive market. It is also important to deliver an individualistic user experience as client’s organization interacts with their prospective customers. With Maketick’s CRM solutions, business-enterprise can gain insights that accelerate the decision making process and enhance the customer experience while increasing the client’s bottom line.

Imperative as a front office focal point for data management in regards for external marketing, prospect management, and sales lead generation, and customer retention etc., Maketick’s CRM systems enables sharing of information contextual to the external activities of a customer’s business. The following are some of the basic functionalities of the platform:

  • Information about the customer
  • Activity details of the customer
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Marketing management
  • Customer support
  • Mobility access
  • Call center and Service center integration

Our CRM solutions provide a platform that will focus on the increment of revenue and improve user experience. Maketick’s CRM solutions provide an insight into the Sales Pipeline Management and thereby accomplish the forecasted results. In regards of market campaigns, the CRM solution analyses the marketing campaigns and thereby enhances customer service with faster responses. For more details