Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning is a comprehensive approach to identify the potential threats to any organization, their impact on the business operations, and if acknowledged, providing a framework that is built for organizational resiliency. Maketick, Inc. constructs networks that possess the capability for efficient response and which safeguards interest of the client’s brand, repute and its key stakeholders.

Maketick’s methodologies evaluate the mission critical system and processes of the client. We work with them to define the risks in security, availability, and recovery requirements in regards to the business perspective. This enables risks to be prioritized. Assuming the capabilities and with provisions for recommendations, which make the business more resilient. We understand that the IT infrastructure, resiliency, continuity, and online business data are fundamental for the continued success of any business. Our Business Continuity Planning Services offers client the expertise, and insights to mitigate the risks that a business might face.

Serving more than hundreds of clients globally, our continuity and resiliency planning services is structured to support the evolving needs of a customer. Working simultaneously with the client, to accomplish financial recompenses, we implement strategies that improve service level performance. Our range of preemptive services ascertains new opportunities and feasible managing resiliency that is available along with our end-to-end, accessible, and cloud based recovery solutions for data and applications. Following is the process that we follow:

Advising for the resiliency analytical services

Maketick, Inc. is into helping businesses to run without any disruption. For an uninterrupted flow of information, interconnectivity of workforce, seamless movement of business imperatives, our resilient analytical services assist in addressing the challenges of the market. Balancing skills, processes, tasks with affordability, we identify the requirements of the client to address their risks and opportunities.

Maintaining the business continuity

Our business continuity management services include the maintenance of business continuity that balances the workloads, reduces applications, system, and information loss. Our services help to make faster decisions even during compromised IT situation. Measuring performance enables to gain abilities to manage and monitor the operational costs of the client’s business processes. To guarantee continued business operations even during compromised IT environments, our Business Continuity services ensure customizable services and additional proximity.

Protecting and managing critical data

Employing Cloud Computing solutions, Maketick’s Business Continuity Planning addresses the client’s need of data back up during an IT disaster. Offering an end-to-end Cloud based services Maketick, Inc., effectively proffers a feasible service that support the client’s recovery of data.

Recovering services

Leveraging technology that automate IT recovery, while maintaining the budget, Maketick’s recovery services retrieves all data until the point of failure. Crucial business information is recovered from data backup solutions and data mirroring facilities. Our flexible recoverable options, mitigates risks, and improves the overall IT disaster recovery response.

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