Product Life Cycle

We are highly focused on Software Product Development that makes us render a new array of solutions for software and services providers.

End-to-End Product Services

From idea generation of the product to converting it into reality, Maketick is involved in every stage of product development. Software industry is in real pressure. Along with growth, clients want their core software to be delivered as a service. Software suppliers are clambering towards migrating applications to new delivery models including SaaS. A bunch of providers have also chosen to build their own infrastructure – while others take advantage of PaaS offerings from other providers. Irrespective of the path, the software providers must move their applications without interrupting the current business model and product feature roadmap. By partnering with Maketick, software providers get the assurance to be the first one to launch their products in the market and with higher touch of quality of course.

Services offered for any Product Stage or Maturity

All the software providers need help with a particular aspect of their product. Some of them want performance experts to modify their product to meet the top class effect. Others prefer usability experts to enhance an application that should be user-friendly. Very frequently it is seen that, enterprises need a proof-of-concept developed that can demonstrate an application's viability in a particular case. Maketick is well equipped with infrastructure and manpower that can solve problem regarding any stages involved in Software Testing Life Cycle.

Solving Tough Software Challenges

Maketick employs the best engineers and software developers available in the industry, with full competency over their area of expertise. The urge for solving tough challenges always has a positive outcome. Whatever the situation or the challenges might be that come forward, our experts come forward with a solution and deliver the competitive advantage to our clients. Challenges may comprise from massive data-warehousing project for a genomic research institute, to general challenges like developing a scalable security model for a SaaS Development Services platform.

Services for ISVs, Enterprises and Startups

Maketick has been an efficient product development partner for quite some time. All these time, we have worked with some of the biggest, best known companies in the world, and also some of the budding companies who have more than a product vision. Irrespective of size or scale, Maketick has a specific program that matches every kind of companies needs. While focusing solely on product development partnerships, we are not distracted by other service offerings that would draw out attention and resources. Quality Assurance Software Testing is one of the positive characteristics of Maketick. And because of all these factor Maketick is one of the shining name to choose from in the web industry for a product development partnership.