XML Based Connectors

XMLConnector assist with reading and writing XML documents, using HTTP. At the same time, the component also functions as bridging factors between eternal XML data pools and other components. The connection between XML sources and application is established by the XMLConntector through ActionScript code. The connection can also be established through data binding, in an environment that uses Flash. Maketick Inc. has years of experience in developing and deploying XML connectors on the foundation of ERP platform. We use our solutions concerning developing and deploying XML connectors over ERP platform and in this way, successfully establish the gap between ERP and clients’ vendors. Here goes an overview of solutions that we offer, concerning XML connector.

  • HTTP Post XML Connector: Our state-of-the-art technological assistance in this domain help clients receiving comprehensive solution to purchasing issues, flawless integration between order placing page and sending the order processing request, and dealing with other types of problems with order processing.
  • SFTP XML Connector: With this connector the interconnectivity is established between vendors and ERP in a manner that creation of purchase order and value setting happen in a flawless manner, according to the setter methodologies.
  • FTP XML Connector: The solutions with developing and deploying FTP XML connector that Maketick caters, are actually aimed at empowering clients in receiving relevant information from customers, respond to their queries or provide faster solutions.
  • FTP EDI Connector: The facility we provide with FTP EDI connector, is aimed at making it smooth and seamless for clients to access relevant data of the ERP programs. We also make the process of creating the invoice generation process an effortless one by creating a reliable FTP directory.
  • SOAP XML Based Connector: Maketick specializes in developing SOAP XML based connector that easefully generates and transfers XML to SOAP. This connector also effectively helps with receiving real time response XML and automatic server side invoice file generation.

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