Maketick IP

IP or Intellectual Property of an organization is one of the most important assets of any modern organization. Maketick, being one of the highly reputable product development company with specialization in enterprise mobility, clearly understands the importance of managing and protecting the intellectual property resources for the benefit of both the company and the customers.

At Maketick, we understand how fast the market is transforming and how critical it is for the modern enterprises to survive this competition. In order to accomplish this difficult objective successfully, we have made our organizational functioning focused at three basic principles, namely – value, quality and innovation.

Maketick understands how important it is for customers to receive the best quality service along with the best professional value towards attending their requirements. At the same time, it is also true without innovation consequences of these qualities cannot be complemented perfectly. Maketick IP is the result of such innovative vigor. Our IP constructs core of the spectrum of solutions we deliver. The essential ingredients that enrich our intellectual property are:

  • ERP – CRM Connector: Maketick’s ERP-CRM connectors are the best resources for customer satisfaction management and expanding the revenue streams subsequently. Our ERP-CRM connectors seamlessly synchronize of the data that separately exist at ERP and CRM.
  • Salesforce Connector: If you are looking for a seamlessly integrated sales process in a cost-effective manner, our Salesforce connector can help you with exactly what you are looking for. Thanks to the Salesforce connector you will experience significant improvement in data traceability and a better insight at the connecting dots of the sales process.
  • Sugar CRM Connector: If you searching for end-to-end solution to customer relationship management, Maketick’s Sugar CRM is one of the most effective of all available channels. Thanks to its easily customizable and open source nature, it would adapt quite easily with customers’ requirement.
  • Alfresco-Drupal Connector: Maketick’s one of the most powerful IP assets, the Alfresco-Drupal Connector helps customers in flawlessly integrating their web development and content management systems.
  • Magento-Great Plains-Alfresco Connector: If you want your Ecommerce website to become a comprehensive platform that will contain all the relevant data and information about your existing customers along with market opportunity, then Maketick’s Magento-Great Plains-Alfresco connector has the best solution to offer.
  • Open Source Model Extensions: Maketick helps customers to manage the need for socialization as well as social network management through the open source model extensions. These extensions connect with the additional database servers, provide flexibility to customers in terms of choosing the time social mediums at any given point of time and help them managing their needs in the most comprehensive way.
  • XML Based Connectors: Maketick’s XML based connectors are effective instruments in establishing the connection between ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and clients’ vendors. Delivering the requisite data from the XML data pool to the right vendor is often challenging. With our XML based connectors, it becomes a hitch free process.

If you are willing to find out about our Maketick IP and its components in a more detailed manner, feel free to drop your query at or visit the Contact Us page.