Emerging Technology Labs

Many, in countless ways, interpret the word ‘Technology’. However, no matter what it means in literal or figuratively, none of the meanings resembles anything that is static or immobile. Technology in today’s world is almost synonymous to dynamism. Any organization that continues to stick with the tech trends that used to be popular few years back and shirked the path of development or accepting the challenging paths that emerging technology has to offer, then it becomes almost impossible for them to survive in this ever changing competitive domain. Maketick Inc. understands urgency of the situation and the difference that inception of innovative technologies can make through adequate cultivation of the Emerging Technology Labs.

As one of the leading product development and comprehensive IT solution providing company, Maketick has developed strong global alliance with over 400 clients and customers and list is increasing with every passing day. Our clients hail from different industrial segments starting from High Technology to Banking to e-commerce companies to network security providers. Clearly, their expectation and demands from us differ randomly. At Maketick, we not only strive to provide them with our best assistance but also deliver personalized attention to every specification, no matter how small or big they are. In order to meet this mammoth challenge successfully, there is no alternative except coming up with innovative technologies, fresh from our Emerging Technology Labs.

In order to provide our clients with the best and comprehensive innovative solutions, our focus at Maketick is capitalizing on constant Research and Development. People, who are working with us and assisting with introducing newer technological avenues in terms of problem addressing and solving, are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Our R &D team is dedicated to introduce novel technological measures in the following fields, only deliver our customers with exactly what they need:

  • Improving extensive database management system to the extent of seamless personalization
  • Making voluminous data management and warehousing easy
  • Advanced web based application development
  • Advanced consultation on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • E-commerce consultancy
  • Open source management and outsourcing
  • Technology development for turnkey software solutions

The Emerging Technology Labs of Maketick Inc. constructs heart of the upscale services that we have to offer our global client base. Our job doesn’t simply end with innovation. We don’t rest until the innovative solutions are correctly implemented as we understand the need of suitability when the subjects of implementation are different platforms with different nature. The expertise and innovative solutions we produce afresh from our Emerging Technology Labs are perfectly capable of handling any limitation that clients may experience.

To know further about Maketick’s Emerging Technology Labs and the comprehensive range of services you may avail from us, feel free to write to us at info@maketick.com.