Maketick Inc. is aware and competent enough to deal with the challenges that modern technology consulting service providers are facing on a regular basis. The solutions, we offer, are aimed at not only achieving the goal of Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise IT solutions, but also contribute to developing the overall business intelligence for the organization. The solutions we offer at Maketick are comprehensive and have been included with adequate planning, so that with us you find an one-stop solution provider to your overall product development, product life-cycle maintenance, business intelligence management requirements. Maketick Inc. offers a spectrum of solutions that comprehensive encompasses our state-of-the-art deliverables. Here goes the overview:

  • Innovative Solutions: The highly experienced and skilled professionals of Maketick are aware that the goal of enterprise mobility can be attained only when the infrastructure is kept ready not only for dealing with the current IT challenges but also for solving the newly evolving ones. Our innovative solutions will timely solve the existing as well as forthcoming issues only to establish you as an undisputed leader in the respective field of function.
  • Product Life Cycle: At Maketick, we just don’t aspire to develop cutting-edge software platforms or products but also provide all sorts of assistance that extends its life cycle. Our involvement in every stage of product development helps to improve the software, upgrade it to meet changing demand of the situation and manage it for scalability.
  • Software Development and Support: Maketick has its own PDLC (Product Development Life Cycle) model, which provides constant support to software development and support. Thanks to this unique approach, we not only develop niche quality products successfully but also deliver quality assistance in terms of making them more efficient, making the development process more cost effective and adding innovative attributes to the application, software or platform.

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