Social ‘Business’ Communities

How many of us are in Orkut, Myspace or Bebo? Well, I expect a huge positive response. Social sites and platforms have become the Gen ‘Y’ mantra. There are Social Sites, and then there are social platforms where people become friends without any inhibition or information or even without knowing each other! These sites have become so popular that now the retailers have started using it as a platform for doing business! Let’s see how social communities can be used to boost up your business.

  • Most of the social communities include features such as discussion forums… and the smart businesses can use them for getting consumer reviews! Well, why not…a social platform is a public sphere where the retailers can target their desired market besides promoting themselves online!
  • Social communities are having a nice time with thousands of users shifting from one community to the other based upon their personal interests and taste. So the retailers can be sure that they will get a fair amount of traffic immediately they get on board.
  • Word-of-Mouth…this is what has made the social communities so interesting. There is never a secret kept in the social sites…everything is for the public. There is where the retailers can get the most out of these social communities. Discussions, debates, comparisons and comments about the retailers and their products can add a lot to the promotion of a business.
  • Social bindings on the other hand enable the spread of word. Every individual on a social network is somehow linked to numerous other users which helps in leveraging one’s business and connecting each consumer group to the other.
  • The retailers can however build their own social community and add interesting applications to it besides the contents. This will help them to get a fair number of members who will in the process act to popularize their brand.
  • The retailers can understand a great deal about the market dynamics once they are on board. A social network is an appropriate place to research the needs and expectations of the customers.

Ok…so this is the best time to jump in and let your business be tried, tested and approved by the mass…Good Luck!

During school vacations we work with community groups like kidsafe where they bring the kids in their programs to our place for fun projects.

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