Significant Increase in Samsung’s Profit Revenue

Samsung Electronics in the fourth quarter achieved a high profit of $4.7 billion. The factor responsible for this success is the huge sales of Smartphones.

Samsung’s Profit Revenue

The organization also gave credit to its flagship handset devices, the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Note for profit generation in the sphere of telecom business. It has been estimated that the telecom business earned profit revenue of $2.35 billion that is 264 trillion.

Samsung made its foray into the market of Smartphones in only 2010 and at present it is making best efforts to dominate solely the Smartphone market. Thus it is providing a tough competition to Apple, who also wishes to overtake Samsung in terms of sales and profits.

It has been also mentioned by this organization that in the fourth quarter there has been a 30percent rise in shipment of the Smartphones.

Robert Yi, Samsung’s senior vice president has stated that “Despite intensified competition amid the global economic slowdown, our telecommunications businesses continued to post solid earnings with an enhanced line-up of high-end smartphones, resulting in higher average selling price,”. He also said that “For the global market outlook for this year, demand for entry-level smartphones and tablet PCs will increase significantly, while the growth momentum for feature phones is expected to stay static,”.

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