For ISVs

There has been a rapid adoption of cloud computing by the IT industry because of its scalable, ubiquitous, flexible features. Most of the Independent Software vendors or ISVs focus on the positioning of the products as a service, by enabling SaaS applications. Retaining the quality standards, Maketick, Inc. offers assortment of services to ISVs at all stages of the SaaS maturity model. The ISV has realized the importance to monetize the underlying infrastructure and offer methods to deploy services that serves their customer base.

Emerging as the delivery platform, integrating Cloud yields consistent results. For ISV, the Cloud functions as an advantage offering scalability and improved time to market. As product lifecycle gets shorter, Maketick, Inc. offers ISVs with the necessary agility.

Benefits of using Cloud Computing

The ISV can use the cloud-computing platform to achieve the following business and technological advantages:

  • Improves revenues: The SaaS subscription model successfully converts the revenue into annuity stream.
  • Decreases overheads: With Maketick’s solution for the ISVs, infrastructure costs are transferred to variable costs. The ISV client pays for what is used. This fixes the fluctuating resource consumption by correlating with the revenue. With SaaS model, the ISV focuses for the maintenance of their desired platform. This saves both time and money of the client.
  • Faster introduction to new products, and adding features: Integrating with Cloud enable the ISVs to reduce their time to market, and reduce the deployment time.
  • Improved scalability and flexibility: Cloud enables dynamic access and the ISV is able to scale within the cloud infrastructure faster.

Maketick, Inc. presents solutions for ISVs with their Cloud services. For more details on Cloud Computing, contact