It is important to implement innovative, efficient, and effective processes that adapts to this evolving business environment. Cloud-based services offer collaboration, cost-savings, and communications to meet the demands of these changing equations. Maketick, Inc. aids the client to pilot their opportunities and challenges in the business, to create cohesive work environments that bring forth growth.

Cloud consulting and advisory strategies

To implement the effectiveness of Cloud, it is important to use them competently. It balances risks, performances, costs and enables the user to access information that facilitates growth and success. Maketick, Inc. assesses the requirements of the client to provide solutions that cater to the need of the client.

To be able to exploit cloud services judiciously, a thorough analysis of the client’s business environment is needed. The solution is scalable, that attends the future prospective. Maketick, Inc. clarifies the real and the hype, to find appropriate solutions that increases the business value of the client’s organization. To proceed with the cloud adoption roadmap, we assess the workshops, investments, returns, and the business services of the client.

Following are some of our services that we offer:

  • Assessment workshops determining the readiness of the client’s enterprise
  • Roadmap of Cloud adaption
  • Return of investments and business case
  • Recognizing the business service catalog
  • Organizational change management
  • Governance, risk and regulatory compliance advisory

Maketick, Inc. evaluates the needs, and the business objectives of the client. Applications that need to be implemented to make the transformation seamless, Maketick, Inc. recommends endowing clients with array of alternatives.

We analyze, evaluate, and then offer solutions without disrupting other services. For more details on our consulting services, contact or