Cloud Computing For Enterprise

Maketick, Inc. provides agile cloud infrastructure as a service. Enabling our Cloud computing solutions for the enterprise architecture facilitates in addressing the client’s business challenges and establishing their baselines. The solution is devised to provide security rich, virtual environments that ensure to meet the requirements of the client.

With an agile Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), our Cloud solutions are feature-rich to provide seamless platforms for the dynamic workforce of the client. Meeting the needs of the client, our Cloud Computing infrastructure is suited for both development and testing.

Collaborating with major platforms worldwide, Maketick, Inc. works together with partners to offer broader ecosystem suited to the demands of the client. With an array of exclusive enterprise related software, our Cloud Computing solutions enables the following benefits:

  • Improved Control: Improved Cloud services provide enhanced visibility and thereby facilitate monitoring and management abilities.
  • Controlling accessibility: The client’s enterprise can create accounts, modify information, and manage permissions easing global actions.
  • Configuring security: Security is indispensable and with our Cloud Computing solutions, the customer can manage keys, encrypted connections, or virtual local area networks (VLANs).
  • 24/7 assistance

Maketick, Inc. collaborates with various platforms and as Cloud Computing grows, we ease the preparation of the client’s organization for this transition. For more details on our services, contact or