Mobile Applications Development

Designing and developing mobile applications over all major platforms, Maketick, Inc. works with a pool of experts, to accomplish an innovative and interactive mobile app. With a wide assortment of competent capabilities, our mobile business apps implement solutions that enable businesses to ascend the success ladder.

Improved analysis of ideas, concepts to deliver customer-oriented solutions

Collaborating with dedicated teams of developers, Maketick, Inc. equips itself with niche technologies and tools to develop mobile applications. Working from the conceptualization to its introduction in the market, our customized mobile applications development capabilities ranges within the existing old and new mobile platforms. From Android, iPhone, Windows to Blackberry, our mobile developers understands the need of the market and the target consumer.

Tailored solutions after evaluation to reduce client’s additional costs

The applications capitalize on the available technology to develop user-friendly, robust apps that performs as per the requirements of the customer. Meeting the objectives of the client, the apps are created to enhance efficiency and functionality in the business enterprise. The solution reduces the client’s business overhead costs. This provides the customer a competitive edge in the market. Our expert mobile app developers create varied application in sectors of J2ME, HTML5, hybrid, native etc.

Competent, cost effective mobile apps

Ensuring that they are interactive, yet functional, our developers use the latest technology to deploy the client’s brand individuality within the apps. Maintaining superior quality, the apps are created in sync with their latest platforms, which make them cost-effective integrated applications. Be it a hybrid or a native application, our team ensures to analyze the requirements of the client to develop apps that adhere to their needs.

We enhance your mobile capabilities by developing applications that converts the client’s business objectives into reality.

  • Android Application Development: With the aim to extend innovation and opportunities, our team of Java experts proactively develops their knowledge to deliver Android apps that offers an array of services.
  • iPhone Application Development: Our iOS development team instills principles inspired from Apple to deliver quality applications that have high resolutions and rich graphical applications.
  • Blackberry Mobile Application Development: Delivering business values, our mobile applications utilize the Smartphone’s native features like GPS, internet, push modifications, camera, BBM for the development of diverse apps.
  • Windows Mobile Application Development: Harnessing this highly evolving platform, we deliver design-centric applications that adapt to the latest technology, features and version that spearheads the organization towards success. Our developers deliver pragmatic solution irrespective of the versions launched.

Our mobile applications boost interactivity and connectivity. Maketick, Inc. provides scalable, robust, intuitive, and feature rich applications that exceeds the expectation of the client.

  • Reliable quality products
  • Project evaluation and selection of the appropriate platform
  • Customer-centric apps
  • Transparent process
  • Warranty and support after the delivery of the product

Irrespective of the business type or sector, we offer a range of solutions that adheres to the latest technology and requirements of the client. Contact us at