Microsoft Technology Practice

MTP or broadly called as Microsoft Technology Practice is a group of technical experts at Maketick with full fledged competency in core technical field, and an aim to carry out and back up projects based on Microsoft technologies. Our dedicated team aims and concentrates upon key Microsoft technologies, prior to their release.

The forefront technologies that the group acts upon, assigns never-ending research, to make sure that the group is on top of all the modern technologies on the Microsoft pile, be it .NET 3.0 or NET 3.5 or Windows 7 as a new platform. Microsoft Development Services provides the opportunity to the clients and our team to experience and develop something different.

This is attained by the research build up of MTP, often known as the Microsoft Competency Center (MCC). As part of MCC, Maketick has joined hand with Microsoft for publicizing VSTS in India and now relishes the pride of being the Microsoft chosen partner for SQL Server 2005 and SilverLight.

The group is a key initiator and motivator behind the .NET Community at Maketick, promoting a healthy knowledge sharing across diverse project teams, through analysis, lectures and case studies. MCC constitutes of several 'Focus Groups' and as the name suggests it focuses on specific technologies within the Microsoft pile:

Focus Area Details
Mobile Applications .NET CF based rich applications on hand-held's
Mapping solutions with Virtual Earth and Map Point
Data and Business Intelligence SQL Server 2005 – XML, Notifications, Reporting
Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services, Notification Services
MOSS Office, Outlook, Sharepoint workflows Integration with backend systems InfoPath, OpenXML
Vista, .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5 Redesign and reengineering, migration and porting
WPF, WCF, WF, Cardspace, SilverLight
Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications AJAX based rich UI applications, Rich web-based reporting, BI solutions, dashboards
VSTS Out of the box processes. Customization and deployment


Go-To-Live Model and MTP

MTP group emphasizes on the project completion and Software Application Development duties, chiefly using Microsoft technologies. After years of hard work, presently we are working with some of the world's top and most elite ISVs and organizations, as well as lots of budding ones and VC-funded companies.

Maketick is now rendering a unique value suggestion to its clients through its Go-To-Live offering. We think that this offering will ultimately yield with more business value to its clientele base by cutting down risk, curtailing time for preparation and make the most of return on investment.

The Go-To-Live offering suggests using Microsoft VSTS based tools for end-to-end project management, build and testing of tools, tracking and seamless integration of development. The project team looks up towards senior engineers and architects from the Microsoft Technology Practice at Maketick, for suggestions and practices on technology, procedures and guidelines.