Java Competency Center

Java Competency Center of Maketick comprises of highly talented technical professionals and they are responsible for carrying out projects with competency based on Java technologies. The principal focus of this group is to make Maketick enough capable while helping its clients on Java technologies from the basic level in a more beneficial way.

At our Java competency center, we procreate a Software Product Development environment that focuses on Java Development Solutions. You can identify the uniqueness and the essence of Java Technologies while developing software product. There is a wide set of patterns involved in this area that approves you to understand Java.

The vital approaches that we deliver to our clients’ profits are:

  • Identifying and lessening development risks at early stage, which leads to cost reduction.
  • Achieving and reaching beyond quality goals for products and applications
  • Achieving right Time-To-Market with development cycles befittingly adjusted to our clients’ demand.
  • Banking on proven architectural best practices, methodologies, and patterns that Maketick has developed over the years.

Our Java Competency Center has the following technology service offerings:

  • Building Web 2.0 Applications: Widgets, Flex and Flash technologies, RSS, Ajax toolkits and associated technologies
  • This offering includes building enterprise applications using Weblogic/ WebSphere stacks. We also help design and apply Portal Architectures, Business Process Modeling and Enterprise Server Bus.
  • The Java Competency Center works on Java Swing and SWT based applications to develop high end user interfaces
  • This offering demands for the moving legacy applications and those based on older technologies to Java technologies. The need to move could be multiple – maintainability, performance, scalability and mobility.
  • Building End to end J2EE applications: This offering involves building high end J2EE web applications, browser based user interface frameworks, Hibernate and Clustering.
  • Migration of customer’s application servers to Java/J2EE platform

Our Java Competency Center has operated on different domains and has created a history in the field of Data Storage, Mail and Messaging, Telecom, Security, CRM and many more.