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Maketick has proved its capabilities while working on the top technologies and that is not the end, there is much more in store.


Database (Oracle, DB2, MySql, Informix) Management

Maketick has vast expertise in designing and managing complex databases; and developing database driven applications for use in Intranet, Extranet, Internet, Client/Server, Desktop and Mobile environments. Adding to it we also have varied experience in the variety of databases and ERP systems on multiple platforms.
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Java Competency Center

Java Competency Center of Maketick comprises of highly talented technical professionals and they are responsible for carrying out projects with competency based on Java technologies.
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Microsoft Technology Practice

MTP or broadly called as Microsoft Technology Practice involves a group of technical experts who are proficient in core technical field, and intend to carry out projects based on Microsoft technologies.
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Mobile Applications Development

Maketick is flexible to adaptation and this attitude has lead to success in case of mobile applications development. Our services range from simple WAP sites to top class innovative applications.
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Php / Open Source Software Developments

The modern web development tool provides the opportunity to contribute in the Open Source Software developments like LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySql / PHP) and other technologies that would enable the Web to run the applications online.
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SAAS or Cloud Development Services

The exponential development in software applications and speeding clients or in-house demands have a tremendous impact on IT infrastructure.
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IAAS & Deployment Services

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a part of cloud computing services. IaaS helps to reduce costs of various sizes of business sectors like small, medium and even large companies. As IaaS gains more popularity in cloud hosting companies, the costs can potentially jump down even more due to oversupply and it helps to increase cloud hosting competition.
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