Go to Market Accelerators

Enterprise Software Solution providers are dominating the market and this has led to tremendous competition among the providers in the market. Customers always want the value of their investment within the specified time. In various industries, such as mobile communications, the shelf-life of an application might be in weeks, rather than months or years.

Maketick has developed various go-to-market accelerators that pace up the development process by checking initially the product quality with timely delivery, and by reducing the need to develop every element of a given application. The accelerators are organized framework that ensures the services adapted by the customers.


The concept of Go-To-Live in Maketick means the budding companies should attain their release deadlines without compromising the assured quality – all the while it reduces the costs related to software development and maintenance.


Maketick understands totally the demand for a unified framework-based approach that is standards-compliant, component-based, point-to-point, lightweight, cost effective and industry-proven. Maketick has a practice area devoted to meet the interoperability and integration requirements in key verticals such as Account Provisioning, Identity and Security Management, Enterprise Content Search, Data Reconciliation, Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing, and Content Collaboration.

Supply Chain Collaboration

cX is the web-based supply chain application in Maketick that makes it capable to real-time supply chain management system and control. cX should not be confused with an ERP system, but strengthen the possibilities by offering collaborative process management and Business Analytics capabilities to the overall supply chain.

Integration and Interoperability Lab

Interoperability promotes the growth that would lead to the acceptance, success and inclusion of new technologies. There is an increasing demand from organizations to deliver quality products which can interoperate between versatile devices, operating systems, and applications.

Migration Tools

Maketick had formulated a set of migration tools and processes in order to deliver professional services for Mail System Migration Services. E2Migrator is an easy to use tool for migrating users from an Exchange server to Google Apps, Education Edition, and Premier Edition. Exchange 12 Migration facilitates migrating users to mail data from an existing Exchange server to Exchange 12.