E-Learning Solutions

Changing the Way We Learn

E-learning brings in innumerable promises in the field of education. E-learning promises a hassle free world where students can learn and institutions can impart knowledge irrespective of distance and time constraints. Maketick is changing the way we learn.


  • Maketick provides standardized e-learning platforms available at lower costs. Maketick offers IT enabled e-learning solutions for organizations to implement their courseware on open source platforms like Moodle. Maketick's Open Source Web Developer team makes it much easier and works faster towards the achieving the end targets and products.
  • E-Learning enables high quality content at minimal costs. Today almost all the renowned universities across the world have taken up e-learning as they have realized that e-learning programs can reduce the costs of participation without negatively affecting the compensation for renowned lecturers, researchers, and presenters.
  • In many countries, the governments have taken up e-learning to make life easier for their citizens. Schools and colleges have now overcome the shortage of teaching staff by importing highly specialized programs from other schools.
  • The latest technologies associated with e-learning has made it much easier for the universities to reach out to every corner of the world.

It has often been noticed that e-learning has emerged to be the perfect solution for corporate trainings where the traditional mode of education has not been sufficient.

How We Help You

Maketick will help you make the changes and transformations in the learning units to supplement existing investments in field of various learning programs. Maketick focuses precisely on the content, delivery and technology of the entire project. We also make sure that the latest technologies are used so as to help your business keep up with the pace of the global market.

Maketick has enabled a platform for the educational institutions to reach out to the students from all over the world. It has opened the door for all the universities to take their courseware to those who have no time to go for traditional classes amidst their busy work schedule. The services provided by Maketick are affordably manageable, right for hosting and managing software implementation.

The specialized teams at Maketick will help you with appropriate suggestions and advice to modify the language style and context of your content at regular intervals.

Maketick has teams appointed for specific and precise research work during the modification of your existing content. The courseware goes through extensive checking and re-checking before they are delivered to the clients.

We provide a platform for the courses which are solely classroom based and can be transformed into effective e-learning and blended learning courses. Maketick works with the training organizations and various educational institutions to build a futuristic perspective of the learning portfolio.

An e-learning roadmap is created with timelines and metrics and the entire team at Maketick follows it to give you flawless delivery.