Usability Engineering

User Experience Design & Engineering

At Maketick, usability engineering is marked as the strategic differentiator for future software products. We completely understand that an 'easy usage approach' simply does not make things work the way they should.

User Experience Design

Instead, every product must be engineered to perfection for an efficient end result. Our approach is to understand that the end product and the user interface 'is' in fact the product for the end user only.

We set a high priority for extending our vision towards developing products that are practical, efficient, operable and satisfying to the product's end users, as well as to our clients.

Value Suggestion

Our product development process considers the efficiency of the end product and our client's satisfaction from the very beginning. This requires us to note each and every requirement and technical specification minutely and carefully. Since we indulge in this right from the very beginning of the Software Product Development cycle, we efficiently avoid correction costs and meet all the technical requirements.

Our approach saves us and our clients a considerable amount of time and resources. This helps our development team to deliver the end product successfully within the decided timeframe, without compromising on the product efficiency. At the same time, it adds to our clients' ROI significantly.

We ensure that:

  • The end product usability is merged with the required technology
  • The user experiences easy usage, free from any technological challenges and bugs

Maketick's expert software development team follows a number of standards and procedures such as Agile, RUP, and the more traditional Waterfall method. We are also involved in direct IT Consulting Services with clients, taking over a project at any phase of the PDLC.