The world's most reliable and efficient technologies have all started with a very humble beginning. The popularity that these products were able to gain and the challenges they were able to overcome were all results of effective and extensive research. We understand this at Maketick, which is why we have our very own research and development team in place. And we are constantly looking to innovate and become more and more efficient.

Our Software Product Engineering team is very particular about how we handle a project. Each and every project starts with extensive research, which is why our product development life cycle starts with the research phase. Not only do we plan and design the product through this phase, but we also consider every other available alternatives, platforms and technologies.

Our research phase makes our products highly scalable and adds greatly to the product sustenance. At Maketick, we are always asking questions, interrogating assumptions, and analyzing how modern technologies might affect businesses and clients. We are very particular about offering our customers touchstone solutions based on the newest technologies available, with our vast years of experience.

Selected Research Areas

  • BI/Analytics
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Life Sciences
  • Telecommunications
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • SAAS/Cloud Computing