Porting Applications

Porting applications is a significant part of the Software Development Life Cycle for numerous successful software products. Porting, basically, is a mode to open a scope for new markets and to get associated with new ecosystems.

Special care should be taken while porting an application. It should be is not disruptive at the time of installing as well as to the development organization that extends and supports the product.

If it is done competently, porting gives a scope to improve overall product quality, maintainability, adaptability and performance. With the right approach and design, all these profitable results can be earned with minimal or very little costs.

Maketick offers full fledged product re-engineering services. Over a wide span of time, we have successfully carried out various large-scale migration projects on a wide spread number of platforms.

We can aid your team, assess your business needs, shape up product architecture, and re-engineer the product on modern technologies. Our re-engineering services adopt a chiseled process that makes sure a smooth transition to the newer platform and curtails business risk.