Performance Engineering

The quality of the software product depends upon the performance and so it is considered to as the key to success. Low performance may lead to high functional costs, high maintenance costs and a large number of unsatisfied customers. To make sure about the performance of the applications, the main focus of the performance engineers is to look towards optimization of possibilities in the touch points with other systems, Database Management Systems, protocols, and in the code itself. Maketick has a highly qualified performance engineering team who assist the Performance Engineering Group (PEG). Our PEG experts totally support our core development services and cover an extensive range of performance demands – from prototyping to evaluation and optimization.

Our Performance Engineering Offerings

  • Performance Evaluation – System instrumentation, experiment frame-up, test bed definition and form, measurement techniques, custom tool creation
  • Performance Analysis – Bottleneck identification, factor analysis, scalability characterization, capacity planning and sizing
  • Performance Optimization – Algorithmic and architectural improvement, code optimization
  • Performance Modeling – Workload, system, and user simulation models, experimental design, benchmark design

Chosen Expertise

  • Query optimization
  • Communications protocols
  • Systems administration and database administration
  • Database systems
  • Network management

Performance Engineering measures the roles, activities, practices and it is being applied at every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle.